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  1. North Korea Projectiles

    A North Korean spokesman said on Thursday the United States' recent mid-range cruise missile test and plans to deploy F-35 jets and offensive military equipment around the Korean peninsula were "dangerous" moves that would "trigger a new cold war" in the region.

  2. Drinking watger

    Microplastics contained in drinking water pose a "low" risk to human health at current levels, according to the World Health Organization.


    U.S. President Donald Trump doubled down on his comments accusing American Jews who vote for Democrats of "great disloyalty" Wednesday, saying any vote for a Democrat is a vote against Israel.

  4. Venezuela United States

    Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido is casting doubt on President Nicolas Maduro's claim that he is overseeing secret talks with the United States.


    Wildfires raging in the Amazon rainforest have hit a record number this year, with 72,843 fires detected so far by Brazil's space research centre. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro says NGOs are responsible.